About The Trill Trust

The Trill Trust is a registered charity (No. 1094893), set up by Romy Fraser in 2008. The Trust provides opportunities for inspiring, hands-on learning and skills development in sustainability, the natural environment and health. We offer an educational example where a holistic, compassionate and ecological approach to life and health is taught.


The Trill Trust aims to:

- Provide experience and education in the skills needed to create a sustainable future.
- Promote health as a primary requirement for a fulfilling life.
- Empower children and adults to understand and claim their own health by exploring the natural environment.
- Inspire healthy and responsible living, working to build an education model that demonstrates a vital new possibility for our education system.
- Share our experience, land and food with our guests.


    To achieve our aims, the Trust delivers:


    School and youth group visits

    We host school and youth group visits, lasting anything from a couple of hours to several days. We use the farmed and natural environment as our classroom to connect young people to the food and nature that nourishes them. Learn more about our schools program here.


    Courses and events

    Through a varied programme of courses and events that are open to the public, the Trust provides opportunities for people to interact with nature, learn sustainable living skills, and eat nutritious home-grown, seasonal food. Each course includes the chance to explore our beautiful organic farm.


    These courses and events are hosted and promoted on our behalf by Trill Farm. The sale of these courses supports the charitable and community work that underpin the aims of the Trust. To learn more about our schedule of upcoming courses or to sign up, please visit the Trill Farm website.



    Using the farm and the associated enterprises, we run specific educational and skills development programmes for targeted groups, helping people to develop confidence, self esteem and recover their self reliance. Learn more about our current projects here.