Trill Farm is not only the home of The Trill Trust, it also helps to promote and sell the educational courses on our behalf. The sale of these courses supports the charitable and community work that underpin the aims of the trust. To learn more about our schedule of upcoming courses and events, or to sign up, please visit the Trill Farm website.


Trill Farm is now home to a number of thriving independent enterprises:

- vegetable growing at Trill Farm Garden run by Ash and Kate - a beef & sheep enterprise run by Jake (Wessex Conservation Grazing).

- The Old Dairy Kitchen run by Chris Onions, catering for our events and courses and teaching kitchen skills.

- Trill Woodwork Workshop run by Ruth, making products and teaching woodwork and DIY skills.

- a soap and natural beauty product manufacturing workshop - a fledgling herb growing business.


These enterprises support the educational work of The Trill Trust, teaching on our courses and working with our visiting school and youth groups.


Many of the products made by this collective of businesses are available for sale in the Trill Farm shop. A selection is also available to purchase online here. 


Trill Farm follows the highest standards of organic practice, protecting and conserving the environment and wildlife of the farm.